Vilalara Thalassa Resort :: Blue&Green :: Algarve

Following its refurbishment, the Thalassotherapy Centre, considered by Condé Nast Traveller to be one of the world’s five best, is now complemented by a Spa and offers a large variety or new slimming and well-being programmes.

The Thalassotherapy and Spa Centre has area of 2600m2 and includes 20 thalassotherapy treatment rooms and 22 spa treatment rooms and includes three pools, a beauty salon and hairdresser. This emphasis on a more varied range extends to the fitness area which has been totally renovated providing guests with many more options.

The Vilalara Thalassotherapy and Spa Center represents only the best in how the marine climate of the Atlantic and its derivatives are used for therapeutic purposes, providing modern equipment and treatments.

Thalassotherapy is a preventative therapy par excellence. Thanks to the specific activity of the marine medium and the comprehensive and natural monitoring of the body, doctors are able to prevent imbalances capable of harming the metabolism.

Seawater is an authentic source of vital elements, as per its biological components and physiological composition containing many of the known trace elements, similar to human plasma.

The excellence of the Thal'ion products, developed in laboratories in Brittany, France, is due, in part to the use of rich seaweed from the Iroise Sea, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. These seaweeds contain high concentrations of mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids responsible for the uniqueness and exclusivity of Thal'ion's beauty and wellness produts used in Vilalara's Thalassotherapy and Spa Center.

Thalassotherapy considers each case unique and each client follows a treatment specifically adapted to his or her needs. An initial medical consultation determines the treatment plan for each individual. For this reason, the Centre provides its clients with doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and hydrotherapists trained in the latest Thalassotherapy techniques.

*A minimum of 16 years of age is required to use the indoor treatment pools.